TheraBreath Videos

What causes bad breath?

Dr. Katz explains what bad breath is and where it comes from. There are a lot of misconceptions about bad breath. What you don't know might surprise you.

Video Duration: 1:53

How do you prevent bad breath?

Halitosis is an embarrassing problem but it is easy to prevent. Dr. Katz, America's Oral Care Expert, shares some tips on how to prevent bad breath.

Video Duration: 1:16

Are tongue scrapers effective against bad breath?

Tongue brushes and tongue scrapers are becoming increasingly popular in the fight against bad breath. Dr. Katz examines how and why they work.

Video Duration: 1:08

Is bad breath contagious?

Can you catch bad breath from somebody or give someone bad breath? Not really. Dr Katz explains why halitosis (bad breath) doesnt work that way.

Video Duration: 1:12

Does TheraBreath Work? The Onion Demonstration

Dr. Katz demonstrates the power of his TheraBreath Oral Care rinse using the halimeter, a device used to measure odours.

Video Duration: 5:09

Why do my gums bleed?

You were flossing your teeth and noticed that your gums were bleeding? Dr. Katz is here to explain why gums bleed and what this can be a sign of.

Video Duration: 1:47

Who is at risk for bleeding gums?

Periodontal problems are serious. Bleeding gums can lead to a variety of health problems including gum disease. Find out if you are at risk.

Video Duration: 1:11

How do I treat bleeding gums?

If your gums are bleeding when you brush or floss, you may be showing signs of gum disease. Dr. Katz explains what you can do today to start treating periodontal problems before they get out of hand. Bleeding gums can lead to serious complications like tooth loss and even heart disease. Don't wait for them to get worse!

Video Duration: 0:35

What happens if I don't treat my bleeding gums?

If you have bleeding gums it is important that you start treatment as soon as possible. The potential long-term health implications of gum disease can be quite serious. Dr. Katz shares the long-term effects of bleeding gums and why they should not be left untreated.

Video Duration: 1:41

Five quick tips to help prevent bleeding gums

Periodontal issues often reveal themselves when you brush your teeth. Pink in the sink, the telltale sign of periodontal disease, can lead to serious oral care problems - even tooth loss. Here are five quick things you can do today to reduce gum problems.

Video Duration: 1:43