Bad Breath Research

Welcome to the TheraBreath Research Area. I try to keep this area up-to-date with all the latest news, articles and information regarding bad breath and halitosis. Along with my duties running the California Breath Clinics, I spend numerous hours each month reviewing the latest research and published information on bad breath and halitosis. The TheraBreath Research Area is a selection of articles about bad breath, dry mouth, gum health and general oral care that I've written with the average person in mind. They are intended to help explain the importance of oral health to your overall health and how to best keep your mouth healthy and smelling fresh.

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Bad Breath Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
Dr. Katz explains the causes of bad breath as well as prevention tips, home remedies and treatments for bad breath. You can also download his free bad breath guide.

Foods That Cause Bad Breath
Learn about foods that cause bad breath and foots that help bad breath. These bad breath foods can either help cause or treat halitosis.

10 Signs That You Have Bad Breath
Learn about the common signs of bad breath that may include dry mouth, bad taste, post nasal drip and more.

Test Your Own Breath
Learn how you can test your own breath at home. These bad breath tests let you know if you have bad breath.

Causes of Metallic or Bitter Taste in the Mouth
Learn about the causes of sour, metallic, and bitter tastes in your mouth-- as well as bad breath.

Morning Breath and Dry Mouth Causes and Treatment
Learn what causes morning breath and find out how to prevent morning breath. Dry mouth is one of the causes of morning breath and we show you how to avoid this.

Dry Mouth Causes
Read about TheraBreath's dry mouth prevention & treatment products for those with dry mouth. TheraBreath is 100% guaranteed to stop dry mouth. Learn more.

Medications That Cause Bad Breath
There are many medications that may lead to bad breath. Learn about these medications and how to treat the bad breath caused by these medications.

Post-Nasal Drip Can Cause Bad Breath
Post nasal drip will cause bad breath. Learn about post nasal drip treatment, remedies and causes in this article by Dr Harold Katz.

Why TheraBreath Works So Well to Stop Bad Breath
TheraBreath is a highly effective Bad Breath Treatment System. TheraBreath works by using an extremely safe ingredient called OXYD-8, which is also used in water purification.

Scientific Studies about TheraBreath Products and Ingredients
Independent, scientific studies about TheraBreath products and ingredients. Learn how and why they are so effective at treating bad breath.

Your Oral Care Products May Have Harmful Ingredients
Mouthwash is available with alcohol or as alcohol free mouthwash. There is a difference in how they effect oral health and bad breath.

Canker Sore Causes and Treatments
Learn about what causes canker sores and the effective canker sore treatments and remedies available.

Is The Acid In Your Mouthwash Eroding Your Tooth Enamel?
Acid in your mouthwash can be eroding the enamel on your teeth. What alternatives can you use?

White Tongue and Geographic Tongue Causes and Treatment
Learn about what causes white tongue, which is also known as geographic tongue due to the pattern it creates. TheraBreath provides the treatment to white tongue in this article.